Natalie Portman Vs Keira Knightley


Which is the best actress, which is hotter, basically, who is your favourite overall?
53 votes
Natalie Portman
15 votes
Keira Knightley
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If it's a matter of looks, I think that I prefer Keira Knightley, however, both of them aren't exactly in my league to say the least. If it were a matter of acting capabilities, for me, Knightley has her performances in Pirates of the Caribbean, and that's the end. Natalie Portman has Black Swan and V for Vendetta, both of which can be found in my top fifty movies of all-time list. (Black Swan being #50, and V for Vendetta being #7) Granted, Pirates can be found twice in my top-fifty as well, but it was more for Johnny Depp and the other characters whereas I liked the other movies a lot for Natalie's roles.

In terms of physical appearance, Natalie Portman. By a mile. She has such a beautiful face and a damn great body. Keira Knightley looks pointy and just too thin to me.

As for acting... well, I can't judge but I guess it would go to Natalie too. I've seen Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean and well, she does fine I guess. In Atonement (I couldn't finish it though) she was quite decent. But overall I haven't explored her. On the contrary I have watched Natalie Portman in both her teen (Beautiful girls, Léon: The professional) and her adult years (V for vendetta, Black swan, Closer), she's always brought her presence and a good character construction to the screen. Of course I'm quite biased because some of these movies are favorites... Beautiful girls in special, which is a very personal one.

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Natalie Portman, definitely, but you can't tell me they aren't the same person. LOL. I think Natalie invented Kiera Knightley as a way to make 2 paychecks during Star Wars Episode I.
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I don't really care about either of them, but I think Natalie is the better actress, from what I've seen. Not that I've seen her in anything other than Leon and V For Vendetta that I thought she was any good in. No, I've not seen Black Swan. I do have a copy, but only because I wanted to see if she actually is as good an actress as so many seem to think she is.
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I'm not old, you're just 12.
No, I've not seen Black Swan. I do have a copy, but only because I wanted to see if she actually is as good an actress as so many seem to think she is.
Black Swan is intense. Almost too intense. Of course, when I watched it, my roommate kept coming in and out of the room, often at the sexual parts, and he's really really yeah, awkwardness abounded.

natalie portman is hot is lovely , funny , sexy and her only negative feature is her small boobs but when you put her next to keira knightley you really don't see the difference.

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This is too easy.

Natalie Portman:

Her method acting helped her win an oscar.

She's cuter and doesn't need to pout every 5 minutes

Doesn't take herself too serious, did a funny rap which was on youtube but full version seems to have been taken off.

Seems natural and comfortable in interviews and commercials

Keira Knightley

Does an annoying fake laugh.

Seems snobby and fake in interviews

Does too many period dramas

Commercials are annoying.
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Originally Posted by The Rodent
Wait, these are different people?

So I have to choose between a woman with a freckle on her face and an identical woman with no freckle on her face. Mmmm... that's tough.
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Here I am being all awesome and **** nearly two years ago..

Portman is the more intelligent one.. keira has a cuter mouth
And I almost made the same comment!
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Actress: Portman, Hotter: Knighley, but only just

Keira Knightley, to her credit, swears like a sailor and smokes like a train. Brasher than Portman. I like brash.

(Portman is, of course, a better actress. But we're talking thin, thin lines, people.)

I've probably seen very few of the films of either actress but I've never been mad keen on Portman. So it's Keira Knightley for me.