So, The Day After Tomorrow with ghosts?

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Will they have ghostly wolves chasing them through a ship lol.
Did you know that in the 1980s movie PREDATOR the titular character was not originally portrayed by Kevin Peter Hall. It was in fact Jean-Claude Van Damme donning a much more insect inspired full body suit before he left the production which then led to the recasting and redesigning of the famous hunter.

This looks iffy. I may pass. No sequel will ever compete with the original. The first one was classic.
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People support family, even when they make bad choices. Ghostbusters is family for anyone that grew up with a movie, cartoon, actions figures and Ecto-Cooler.

To think that I haven't thought about throwing out, "The sewers are coursing with rivers of slime" to explain my emotional status, you'd be looking for the wrong gatekeeper.

I still ain't scared of no ghost

Cant wait to see this movie

Let’s list all the good things…

1. The Gremlins The Mini-Pufts

This one is a real tough hang, even for a cereal eating, toy-playing, cartoon watching member of the fanclub.