Tournament: Horror Character Championship


It's time to meet your maker...
Originally Posted by Pyro Tramp
Anyway, at the end of the film Bub is seen (ironically) as the most human character in the film and also disposes of the films 'bad' guy.
Who's the film's bad guy? Is he a human and Bub eats him or what? Make it a spoiler if you wish.

WARNING: spoilers below
the bad guy is a human and bub shoots him because he sort of remembers using a gun when he was still human
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- Alfred Hitchcock

alright, how does everyone feel about it being 5 zombies, but not, the bumbling ones the meander around, i mean the vicious ones that run at you and claw and bite ferociously

how do y'all feel about adding Charles Lee Ray, or leprechaun, or the characters from puppetmaster, the demon from Wishmaster, or The Thing?

They just really don't fit. I mean the odds of them winning against Jason or Freddy or Michael are just simply impossible. I have no clue who Charles Lee Ray is so maybe you will get some help from the other judges. The thing would be a nice fit but as far as puppetmaster and such I wouldn't put them in. I agree with Pyro Tramp that Bub from Day of the Dead should be included. He could represent the zombie/monster type horror character. But hey man its just my opinion its up to you.
Evil lives...

the zombie have no chance of winning, imo, but they're in, at least put in chucky and the THING, will u agree to that much?

lol, ok, Chucky and the THING are entered

I'm not familiar with Damien, could you explain him to me?, and i'm entering The thing as a shapeshifting alien, but he'll still be able to absorb others

Originally Posted by Eyes
I'm not familiar with Damien, could you explain him to me?,

Damien, son of Satan, you not heard of a little horror film called The Omen

i've heard of it, but i have yet to watch it. what sort of powers does Damien posses?

Anything, it's all very ambigous. There are dogs he can control and he make anyone die 'accidently' like hang themselves and have things impale and dismember you, kinda.

strange, but what the hell... (no pun intended)