My Favorite Danny DeVito Performances



Martin Weir, Get Shorty

DeVito was solid as an arrogant actor very anxious to be part of a new screenplay in town written by a Florida thumb-breaker named Chili Palmer (John Travolta).


Deck Schiflet, The Rainmaker

DeVito found a welcome change of pace playing a smarmy lawyer involved in a lawsuit with a fraudulent insurance company.


Sid Hudgens, LA Confidential

DeVito provided some welcome comic relief playing a newspaper gossip columnist who uses a self-absorbed cop (Kevin Spacey) to get the dirt on inner Hollywood.


Owen, Throw Momma From the Train

DeVito also directed this comic re-thinking of Strangers on a Train as a schnook who agrees to murder the wife of his writing teacher (Billy Crystal) if he agrees to kill Owen's shrewish mom (Oscar nominee Anne Ramsey).


Vincent Benedict, Twins

DeVito stole every scene he was in playing a loser who discovers that his birth was part of a genetic experience which leads him to learn that he has a twin brother (Arnold Schwarzenegger). One of DeVito's best and most underrated performances.

Well, that's # 2...and now, my # 1 favorite Danny DeVito performance:


Sam Stone, Ruthless People

Despite working with a terrific all-star cast, DeVito was the best thing about this instant classic playing a ruthless business who steals a fashion design that results in his wife (Bette Midler) being kidnapped but makes the fatalistic decision not to pay the ransom.

Hope someone enjoyed the list.

Loved him in Matilda