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I really enjoyed this season. So far The Boys has done no wrong
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I enjoyed the season, but I can't help but feel like it's stretching things, just for the sake of it, and that's never a good thing.

This is where something like Breaking Bad was so fantastic. It had a well defined arc. It knew when to stop. As much as I enjoy The Boys, it's losing its freshness.

WARNING: spoilers below

Soldier Boy and Maeve's deaths would have made more sense. The team could have then gone all-in on Homelander next season. But now we are probably going to get two-three more seasons.

I'm sorry for upping this but I just finished the latest season and I have some thoughts...

First of all, I was overall disappointed with Maeve's story or arc or whatever. I wholeheartedly agree with this also...

I am disappointed with what they are doing to Maeve. That scene with Butcher was cringe and unnecessary. Makes her character look even worse.
After finishing the season now, it's evident that they threw that in just for kicks because it had no consequence whatsoever in what happened in the season.

Second, I still don't know how to feel about Black Noir. I mean, they did a great job of building up his backstory and set him up just to have it mean... nothing? I mean, I get being anti-climatic is a thing, but everything felt like a waste of time.

Third, I can understand the show's intentions of parodying the Trump subculture and whatnot, but I feel they've really gone way over as far as how unabashedly obvious they are. The word "obvious" is not even right because it's just there for everybody to see, and I think I would appreciate a bit more subtlety in that aspect.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the season as a whole. Anthony Starr continues to shine, but I really enjoyed Jensen Ackles' performance as well. I also liked that they give a bit more to do to M.M., Frenchie, and Kimiko, and I liked that cause they're my favorite characters.
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Finally finished S3 and I will say it did manage to coax me back from the edge. The edge being an overall ennui with the series. 2 or 3 episodes in and I felt it had gotten a little one note in terms of dark and cynical. Didn't really like all the commentary on current pop culture and it's collateral and overwhelming hype. I get how depressingly accurate it was but it came off as low hanging fruit and therefore unearned. The show seemed to be spinning it's wheels. But then it threw just enough offbeat things into the mix to break out of it's doldrums. I ended up liking the Soldier Boy story line after thinking it was going nowhere.

I don't know how many seasons they have planned but it is kind of showing it's age and they should have an endgame in place. Of course I could be wrong and it'll end up surprising me again.

Season 4 teaser trailer.