A black and white British horror film


The movie is an old black and white horror film around the 1950s. There is a table with12 monkeys laying in a circle but they are not real monkeys. When 1 person dies 1 monkey dissappears. I think it had a big British actor in it who did lot of horror films.

There is Ten Little Indians (1965) with the 10 indians arranged in a circle. One would be broken off for each death.
And a similar thing in And Then There Were None.

Though the monkey thing sounds annoyingly familiar.

The scifi movie, 12 Monkeys, might be why that sounds familiar.
There's a movie I'm thinking of that's black and white, where some sort of totem disappears when a character dies.

And now this is going to really bother me. Or maybe something with the "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" monkeys? Grr.