MoFo Fantasy Football 2014 - WEEK 10


Sorry to talk about my team in the first post all the time, but Im familiar with the subject.

My dreaded Brady & Gronk Bye week. My fillers will be Mark Sanchez & (gotta look up this guys name...) Mychal Rivera, Oaklands TE. oy!

Just heard Sammy Watkins tweaked his groin in practice. May play or be out 2-3 weeks, they dont know yet. Martavis Bryants gonna get another shot then, but its scary going with a WR whose points come mostly from TDs. So flukey. Also with Pierre Thomas still out, and Tavaris Cadet proving his worthlessness, Im going with Tre Mason @ Ari for my RB2. Yeah.

Wyld Stallions Byes are much more gentle. Plastic Pads & Iron Men are in for a slobberknocker!!

Yup, Sammy Watkins will most likely be out. Gonna go to the Martavis Bryant well one more time, knowing the chance of him maintaining his pace is gets slimmer each week. Its gonna be a hard day at the office sunday for Plastic Pads & Iron Men, and Sleezy may sneak out an easy win.

Im not gonna pretend. If Sleezy beats me this week without having to slot in a defense I'll be PISSED!

I'm here week to week make you dudes feel extremely terrible if you lose to my garbage crippled lineup.
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Aaron Rodgers gonna break Big Bens mark this year.

He's a pretty long ways from that; Big Ben's mark was for TDs in consecutive games. The mark he has a much better chance at breaking is TDs in a single game; he needs one more to tie it.

I still can't believe the Steelers lost to the Jets. Just makes no sense.

I love the NFL. And fantasy is almost as inexplicable as the real thing. After starting 0-5 the Legion has gone 5-0 since... Um, yay!
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Ah, excellent. I listen to LT bitch all day and night about her team crapping out, only to see her Eagles Defense and WR Jordan Matthews go off on Monday for the win. She still has a chance...especially if Peterson goes active soon, as she seems to have him resting on her bench currently.

Since I have lost this league, time for my obligatory "other league" story.

With Luck and Hilton on a bye last week, I had to slot Andy Dalton and Terrance Williams. Dalton got me about 1.5 points, and Williams left a goose egg in his chair. Add in Jeremy Hill, my RB2 substitute, and I had a grand total of 5.5 points total from those three players. Things didn't look good. Luckily, I have J Nelson Golden Tate, and Marshawn Lynch, as well. I managed high score in the league for the week with 3 bum players...In first with a massive points lead at the moment.
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