Boy has his arm or leg amputated


What I vaguely remember about the scene and film:

- Boy has to have his arm or leg amputated, he cries a lot.
- He has something put in his mouth to ease the pain; a piece of cloth or wood.
- Almost certain they are on a ship while this happens.
- Setting is likely around 1700-1800s, I keep thinking about Napoleon.
- The style of the film might be very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean.
- Relatively modern film; likely made between 2000 and 2010.

Any help is appreciated.

Yeah, I don't think I saw the whole film either, just bits and pieces of it several years ago. It's so strange when you have this moment where a scene from a film pops into your head, and you get completely set on finding out which scene and film it is. But yeah, I'll see the film now. Thanks again.

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If you are working your way through the books than you should check out Pirates Latitude by Michael Crichton , it's close to it except it's from the bad guys point of view, and the movie is coming soon.