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Because fan entitlement is a motherf*cker, that's why.

That being said, I think the first three films set such a high standard that a fourth (especially one coming almost twenty years later) was going to have to work really hard to match that standard and it not only didn't (couldn't?) do that but what it did do resulted in an especially annoying drop in quality - the reason "nuke the fridge" became a thing is because it was just too implausible even by the series' already rather loose stand that people hated it (and there were various other similarly nonsensical moments to only worsen people's perception of the whole thing).
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

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Oh okay, I felt that the fourth one was entertaining as a campy sequel entry, kind of like how some James Bond movies are campy, but are entertaining on that level. I actually laughed at the fridge nuking and thought it was awesom, but that was me back then.

But then again, is it any more far fetched than Indiana, Short Round, and Willie, going out of a flying airplane on an inflatable raft, have the raft inflate while they are on top of it, and expect all remain on top of it, after it is done inflating, and then landing on the water just fine after, without getting hurt?

Or how about mine car flying off of an unfinished track, and then landing perfectly on another unfinished track without being derailed at all? I am just not seeing this fridge nuking as a huge step over the top compared to some of the other things.

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Which is why Temple used to be considered the worst of the bunch and people preferred Raiders and Crusade, neither of which quite managed such implausible feats (or at least didn't draw too much attention to them, such as Indy supposedly riding the outside of a submerged U-boat in Raiders or Indy and Elsa managing to swim from a thousand-year-old catacomb to an ordinary manhole in Crusade).

As for the Bond comparison, Bond's always been afforded a lot more looseness in this regard because of its prolific nature (in the time it took to get four Indy movies we also got eleven Bond movies), longevity, and ability to recast its lead actor (often when their tenure was getting too silly, as evidenced by Roger Moore being too old in View to a Kill despite still being younger than Harrison Ford was in Crystal Skull). It keeps going in cycles where each Bond inevitably goes from (relatively) serious to campy if they last long enough so there's a lot more suspension of disbelief built in than with Indy (which is still relatively grounded amidst the supernatural stuff). It also doesn't help that modern effects developments didn't exactly render these examples too convincingly - I'm not that fussed about the fridge-nuke because it still looks better than the scene where Mutt swings through the trees.

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Yeah Mutt swinging was not good, but I was willing to overlook it for other aspects I liked it. I like it as a summer action B movie that is fun like one The Mummy Returns or something like that, but I don't hold it as high when I compare it to the first three Indy movies.

Ford has gone on record saying they're due to start filming within the next 2 months.

No other details as to casting, story etc.
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I've already posted my Spielberg ranking in the proper thread. I might be one of the few who likes all 4 Indy films. Temple is my least favorite, but I still rate it 7/10.

I dunno what to expect from an Indy 5. Maybe it's Ford's last rendition of the role.

It might also be the last Indy film Spielberg directs.

At aged 77, I wouldn't imagine that they'd feature him as an action hero, so perhaps they'll have him in more of a mystery plot. Expecting it to be high quality, no matter what.

Guys!! What you think that F9 will be a action and enjoyable movie or not...

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At aged 77, I wouldn't imagine that they'd feature him as an action hero, so perhaps they'll have him in more of a mystery plot. Expecting it to be high quality, no matter what.
That's what I wanted from Crystal Skull. I don't even know how they're going to get Ford when he didn't want to do Crystal Skull.

That's what I wanted from Crystal Skull. I don't even know how they're going to get Ford when he didn't want to do Crystal Skull.
Reportedly he agreed to the project only if Spielberg directed and if it had an exceptionally good script. I imagine that the tens of $millions he'll make helped his decision..

This is from
On February 2, 2020, during the 73rd British Academy Film Awards, after being handed the BAFTA Fellowship, Kathleen Kennedy was asked by a BBC News journalist about the development of the fifth Indiana Jones film. She replied that work on the script is still ongoing and reaffirmed that Harrison Ford would be involved and that the film will be a sequel to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, not a reboot.[109] ... February 13 saw Harrison Ford reiterating CBSC's Lee Cowan that he would be reprising his role as Indiana Jones, adding that filming for the fifth Indiana Jones would begin in about two months: April 2020.[111] The next day, February 14, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ford stated that filming would happen in late summer.[112] The following day, February 15, during an interview with IGN for The Call of the Wild, the actor revealed that the Indy 5 story will "see new developments in his life, his relationship. We'll see part of his history resolved."

Steven Speilberg will not direct. James Mangold to step in.
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Well, Mangold did direct Ford v Ferrari, and that did pretty well... Consequently it does make me wonder if the new "Jones" movie will concentrate on action-- more than I would have expected due to Ford's age.

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More to the point, he directed Logan, a film that notably took an iconic hero and gave him a down-and-dirty deconstruction to go along with his advancing age. I doubt that a Disney-owned Lucasfilm would go full Logan with Indy, though.

I think with Mangold on board, something akin to the atmosphere of Temple Of Doom is probably on the cards.
I'm not complaining, it'll be far better than Crystal Skull at least.

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Should have died after the 4th one, which was absolute dog ****.