Do Pictures/Posters Make You Watch a Movie?


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at times?

This is the second time I've noticed.. The first one was after seeing a picture (I don't even the rating, and I purposely avoided the review) from the movie "The Forest For the Trees" (thanks to @Stirchley) and when I see Eva Lobau, I had to see the movie, and surely enough, it was an 8/10, which is very rare considering the movie was made this century. My average score is probably a 5/10, and I only watch movies I think I'll love.

Today, same thing. I saw "Paradise: Love" and when I saw the picture of Margarethe Tiesel, I had to watch it immediately, and dropped everything (nothing) and saw it and also gave it an 8/10. Thanks to whoever recommended it, I'm sure I'll see you on "Last Movie".

Pontecorvo said "It's in the face" when he hired Ali in "The Battle of Algiers" (since Yaacef Saadi was basically reprising his real life onto the screen).. I believe it's true, but they need skill and a good script/direction.

I was an art student/major way back when - so I'm definitely a sucker for good poster design and it definitely draws me in.

Back in the 80's my favorite art work was created by Drew Struzan. Perfect melding of art/movies.

Just from the poster, I knew I would love this movie.
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Probably not. I will have to answer that the next time I see a poster or still photo of a movie, which has been quite a while. As for their truthiness, I have to refer to all those black and white 1930's movies that had the great saturated color posters. One frame, a movie doesn't make.

A screencap? Absolutely. Film is a visual medium after all.

Posters, less so, but even then I am not completely immune.

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I think a poster tells you more about a film than a synopsis ever could.

Short answer is definitely yes for back in the day. Today maybe not so much. Only because the movie poster days are kinda behind us. But yeah, back in the 80s a cool poster could actually make you believe a sh*tty movie was really good. Seriously. The cooler looking the poster the more mind control it had over you.
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In the video store, the cover was what always sold ya, sometimes the movie would suck, but the cover was awesome.
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I might check them out (and maybe some others mentioned earlier)... I also wonder how much people deduce from a poster, and how accurate they are, at least with the subject matter.

The first one looks like a sci-fi and the second looks like a movie about a blind guy that could be a comedy.

Yeah, deciphering movie's story from the posters can be a fun exercise.

First one is an amazing movie, but not a sci-fi. The key bit is food there.

The second movie was the perfect example of buzz created by the poster. People were hugely intrigued by the poster here in India (before the trailer came out) and it went on to become a massive hit. You're partly right. It is a dark comedy about blind guy.