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Se7en (1995) - David Fincher
- Amazing movie. Probably the most memorable and awesome ending ever.

ps: Happy Christmas guys and gals

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Cash On Demand (1962)

I wasn't thinking about this in terms of it being a sort of reworking of Dickens' A Christmas Carol until I heard the commentary afterward on TCM's "Noir Alley."

But an enjoyable little British film (from Hammer films) with a comfortable run time of 1 hour and 29 minutes! The bulk of the film had me on the edge of my seat with Peter Cushing as a suspicious & quibbling bank manager, with Andre Morell as a not-exactly-what-he-appears to be visitor.

I draw similarities also with the movie Die Hard (1988)...
First, a lot of people argue if Die Hard is a "Christmas Movie." The same could be argued with Cash On Demand - both movies take place around Christmas and both involve a robbery.

The other similarity to Die Hard is the villain - both villains are cunning and charismatic with a flare for the theatrical.

As far as villains go, I also draw a similarity with the Saw horror / thriller series - but only in the respect that the villain in this movie and "Jigsaw" from the Saw series both seem to take an interest in getting their victims to engage in a healthy dose of introspection to help make themselves better people (and thus, that brings us full circle back to the similarities with A Christmas Carol).

All around; a bloody entertaining, suspenseful & fun little film (but with no blood)!

Lion King (2019)

I didn't think this was nearly as bad as some people said it was. It had some obvious flaws, and the emotionless animals is certainly a glaring one. I still think it carried the story well enough along with some beautiful scenery to make it more positive than negative.

Safdie brothers, 2019

I was anticipating this movie a lot, but this is purely commercial, no relevance for anything, no content, it can be entertaining at some parts, others it is not, just a very well made trailer, with a great song and what could be a great performance of a guy I really like, it's bait. That final action scene in the basketball game is alright, I guess the same alright has that gambling movie with Al Pacino that he gives prognostics, I can't really remember the name though, but the Al Pacino one had much more content true out the entire movie, more narrative and psychology wise, since we're talking about gambling, more present and interesting to understand. The entry and overall music, soundtrack during the film is awful, sometimes I don't even understand what they're saying, I don't know what the authors wanted, normally soundtracks in movies, especially commercial ones are extremely important, the directors know that, because a bad director can still make you fell what he wants you to fell just by the song that is playing, people don't realize that, I don't share the same music taste millennial's share nowadays, and this movie is for them.

George Clooney, 2002

Wait a minute, George Clooney is the director of this sh...!? Anyway, It's a Kaufman written script, that's the only reason I watched this, and that's the salvation of this movie. Bait casting, huge names, they even had Brad Pitt and Private Ryan in this just to be shown half a minute has a joke, that's how big this was. Anyway, uh, the movie is entertaining, it's funny in some parts, mainly because Sam Rockwell is a great guy, very funny guy, I like him, girls will like his butt in this film, go see, I'm jealous. What I think they totally missed was the introspection, they were just basing everything on the book and that's it, trow some comedy in the mixer, some infidelity to have sexuality, some "facts" about how he born a killer and fit the CIA profile, and you have a movie. Kaufman made miracles here, the script is the only thing I could say I liked about this and Sam is a great actor, lot of charisma.

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Sátántangó (Béla Tarr, 1994)
It just seems so fit that you'd rate one of the greatest master pieces a 2.5
In the strictest sense lesbians can't have sex at all period.

I'm not even questioning the rating, it's an opinion, what I'm questioning is how he had the time to watch Sátántangó along side with all that.


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The Gun And The Pulpit (Daniel Petrie, 1974)

Perhaps surprisingly not overly hard to sermon up a little enthusiasm for it even if fairly standard tv fare
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The Lighthouse (2019)

Highly impressed with the acting, shooting and storyline. Makes its point in a clear and unambiguous way, so to say, doesn't try to be too artsy or clever-clever. Pattinson is impressing me, Dafoe always has.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) - 6.8/10. Delightful, charming and a fun watch.
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joker - 2/10
this wasn't even a good ripoff of taxi driver... 3rd worst movie I have ever seen.

they even used robert de niro.... As Jim Traficant would say "BEAM ME UP!"

joker - 2/10
this wasn't even a good ripoff of taxi driver... 3rd worst movie I have ever seen.

they even used robert de niro.... As Jim Traficant would say "BEAM ME UP!"
Wow. That's a pretty big break form the general consensus!
(Still haven't seen it myself.)

Wow. That's a pretty big break form the general consensus!
(Still haven't seen it myself.)
I watched it in Calcutta on opening day during my business trip. The movie got a standing ovation in the end! I loved the bleak premise and not to mention his acting! The best actor category this year will be tight.