I cant control my brain.
DEXTER!!! this is like the best show on television. Has anyone else seen it? Its just so great.
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You're not talking about Dexter's Laboratory, right ? Because I kinda like this one from Cartoon Network.
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Yeah i just watched the season finale at my brothers house on sunday. made me wish i had showtime...
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I tuned in late but I am watching it online. I'm on episode 4. It's awesome, very existential.

Have you read the books by chance? I haven't. I'm wondering how it compares.

No, not read the books but it'd be interesting to do so. Just finished ep 10 and am gonna start in a min on the last two - its been a Dexter weekend!

There's a whole thread about the first season of "Dexter" right HERE, back when it was originally airing on Showtime at the end of 2006.

After an interesting premise I became frustrated and then angry at the show's overall stupidity and lack of credible subplots and supporting characters. True to my vow I didn't watch even two minutes of season two.

But, you know, to each their own.
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Thanks for the link.
Maybe it's easier to like something when you're watching a whole series over one weekend instead of having a weeks break in between each ep, or maybe I'm easily pleased, but I liked the first series. It's no Sopranos or Lost mind.

I just caught the first two eps on ITV 4. Yeah that's right ITV.


I'm loving me some Julie Benz!It's nice to see post-Darla she's still getting some action.
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I have watched both seasons and am looking forward to the next.

I loved this, in fact it is my favourite tv series ... the only time that a book series has been made better with a television adaption. The characters are all nicely fleshed out and interesting, and the main actor is brilliant.

I preferred Dexter's Lab.

It's just so... phony. I guess it's meant to be like that to an extent, but watching the cop scenes in this after watching all of The Wire is incredibly jarring.

It has some of the most laboured scenes in TV. The flashback scenes - with Dex and his Dad - are so bad it's often hilarious. It's the same every episode. "Dad, look how much I don't care about things." "Yes. Well, Dex, you have to seem to care to get along in the world." "Oh. Okay."

Man, Dexter sucks.

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WARNING: "Dexter" spoilers below
The second to last one. I've seen the entire season (when it was on Showtime) and I absolutely love the show.I like the one where he finds out that the ice truck killer is his brother and he has to decide to kill his adopted sister or his real brother. This is a great show, can't wait to see Season 2 when it comes on DVD.

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kajol, that should have been in spoiler tags. Can you edit it, please?

Also, I read the first book and was summarily unimpressed with the writing. I won't read the others. Too blah. I too think the series improved the book's idea. And I adore Michael C. Hall.

It's a fun show to watch (and I liked season 2 far better than season 1), but I don't get giddy about new releases and episodes like I do for other shows such as Lost and BSG and Brotherhood ... and Weeds.

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Since there is a bit of interest in this thread ...

Here is a promotional thing made in Australia, it was soon pulled by the South Australian Tourism Board because (they claimed) in was bad press for Adelaide and inhibitted visitation

I thought that it was extremely clever and amusing

NOTE ... No spoilers

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That's pretty funny. A shame they banned it, though. (Is it true, BTW?) Then again, if it were Pittsburgh, I'm sure we'd ban it too.

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OFF TOPIC - There have been a number occuring in SA, however most states in Australia would have a couple of grisley occurances ... I hail from Tasmania which unfortunately can claim among others, Martin Bryant (Port Arthur shooter of 35 in April 1996, the worst peace-time massacre on record by a single gunman) . His action led to the banning of ALL semi-automatic firearms in Australia.

For those interested

You know I've met a lot of people who say its a great show, but somehow, I find the whole premise of the show a bit ..... repulsive. It seems to posit the idea that it is ok for a person to have little respect for human life.

How do you all feel about that?
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I'm OK with the Dexter premise because he only kills killers that have managed to escape the law.
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