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Hi all,

I'm trying to think of funeral scenes in films where a ceremony takes place on a boat like a big fishing boat or where a load of Vespas rides in town outside of a church.

Can anyone think of any scenes in movies like this? If possible modern day.

Like someone has been a fisherman their whole life and then his widow has a ceremony to celebrate his life on a fishing boat or a couple used to be part of a scooter vespa society and now she takes a final ride to the church.

Or any kind of unique ceremony to celebrate someone's life.

Thanks in advance!

One that immediately comes to mind is from the Game of Thrones: Hoster Tully’s funeral.

Not a movie, I realise that.

Also this is the first time I’ve been able to embed a YouTube link like a digitally literate human! Yay.

Live and Let Die had one of those New Orleans type funerals with the mummer type dancers. The Serpent and the Rainbow had a memorable burial (or two). Star Trek: Wrath of Khan launched Spock into space. But as far as specific ceremonies go I can't think of any at the moment.

OK, here you go, a hippie funeral from that favorite hippie movie, Alice's Restaurant. It has snow, somberness and a Joni Mitchell song, Songs to Aging Children Come.

Then again, perhaps what I really want comes from some of my ancestors....a real, burning ship Viking funeral. I think there's environmental issues with these today, but this really IS a send-off, from the 1959 movie, The Vikings.

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The dueling and contrasting funerals in My Own Private Idaho comes to mind.
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If were talking about burning then Conan The Barbarian lighting the fire for Valerian springs to mind along with Return of the Jedi; Luke setting fire to Vader/Anakin.

If its themes your looking for in Ready Player One there is a Star Trek theme for Hallidays funeral where his coffin is a Photon Torpedo casing.

In Assassins a funeral is interrupted by a shootout as the funeral was orchestrated by an assassin who killed someone else just to lure his actual target into the open.

In one of the Poltergeist films the family has a little funeral for a pet in their front yard.

In Judge Dredd the Chief Justice retiring has s kind of funeral as he has a ceremony to leave the city for his Long Walk.
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Note that when somebody dies on ship, often the funeral is given on the ship, at sea. Not just in movies, but in real life. Because they can't keep a dead body around on a ship. This is particularly common in the navy. Lots of movies about people in a navy have scenes like this. And sometimes movies about other ships as well.

You could argue that Rose dropping the Heart of the Ocean into the water over the wreck of the Titanic could be construed as her long delayed funeral for Jack.

The Wrong Box (1966) has a truly unique funeral scene, but unfortunately not in the fashion you want.

My family and I thought the movie was hilarious back in the 1960s, but when my father and I watched it again in the late 1990s, we didn't find it particularly funny. Tastes change — even personal tastes.

John Barry's score is rather good, however, especially the arrangement for the funeral sequence (21:05 below).

The Wild Angels has a motorcycle funeral.

I think in Used Cars, they buried a guy in a car. But I might be mixing up movies.

"The Millennial Bee" (1983) - interesting and funny funeral scene. I remember that coffin "was riding" through the snow, because funeral procession has overturned.
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