Greatest opening few scenes of a film


I like the long camera shot of Alex and his droogs in the milk bar at the beginning of A Clockwork Orange. Alex narrates the scene, introducing the gang and describing the drugs in the milk, which helped with the ultraviolence. The camera's slow creep sets up an ominous tone.

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Last few years has to be X2... its a shame really coz after that i expected more from the rest of the movie... still good though.

Resevoir Dogs has to be there with the "like a virgin sequence"

... but c'mon people The Shinings opening following the car... still sends shivers down me now... just so eiree!!!
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I suppose the new Dawn of the Dead is one of the better horror intro's.
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Oh, yeah, definately, yeah.
all i need to say is one line from it

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The new Dawn of the Dead, Ghost Ship, and X2 all have really great opening was mentioned. I like how the disaster was portrayed in Dawn of the Dead and you've got to love how that dude's head was sliced clean off in Ghost Ship! Another movie with great opening scenes is Saving Private Ryan. The portrayal of D-day was really great and it really grabbed my attention, even though I'm never particularly interested in war films. Punch-Drunk Love also has a really good beginning. I love how the car crashes and then the van comes and unloads the piano onto the street. It was kind of weird but really intriguing at the same time!

I liked Trinity kicking ass at the beginning of The Matrix. It pumped me up.

if anyone would actually watch the movie without reading the reviews, i think they'd like the intro to Never Die Alone...with King David comin back into town in his car...the feeling of it is cool

...check the trailer to understand what i mean

I thought the beginning of Memento was really cool. You know, with the photo "undeveloping" un real time and then everything going backwards until before he shot the guy. It set up the direction (literally) that the movie would be taking.
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The Beginning of Donnie Darko, where he wakes up on the mountain and smiles... just the way all the music fits the movie perfectly! It really is the perfect collaboration of image and sound!
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i would agree: nightcrawler going through the white house in x2

all of the bond movies with pierce brosnan have had some real kick ass opening scenes.

I'd have to say that the coolest opening was the beginning of Dawn of the Dead (the new one). Johnny Cash singing "When the Man comes Around" in the opening credits was creepily fitting. It really sounded apocolyptic.
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final destination and also The Gladiator had a cool beginning

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what the hell are you talking about.

anyway my favorite opening scenes are:
Boogie Nights (6 and half minute steadicam shot)
Dawn of the Dead (new one, johnny cash man comes around)
Alien (as the title fades up)
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Star Wars (the titles with the theme music, it might not be the "best" but its so memorable)

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The opening shot in Touch of Evil.
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Tough...the Gandalf fight in the beginning of LOTR: TTT is hard to beat, and The Empire Strikes Back, with the Star Destroyer despatching the probe droids onto Hoth. One of my favourite scenes from the series that.

Fargo, Casino, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Usual Suspects have good opening scenes.
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The Two Towers?...nah, although yes, Liberty Valance is a bloody good film, probably Ford's last great film