Battle of the 2003 Summer Movies


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I'm going to start out by listing films that came out in early May until the end of summer 2003.

The first movie to get 10 votes is the victor of the match.

Round 1.

We shall start with this match.

X2 vs. Daddy Day Care

Start posting!
Last 5 films I’ve seen

An American In Paris ****/*****
Once Upon A Time In China *****/*****
Father of the Bride ****/*****
Spartacus *****/*****
The Hidden Fortress ****/*****

You can view my review for each of those films at T-850's Reviews

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Originally Posted by T850
X2 vs. Daddy Day Care
Kong didn't like either of them.
Can we give a negative vote?
If so, Kong gives Daddy Day Care a -1.
Kong's Reviews:
Stuck On You
Bad Santa

Daddy Dumb Care was terrible, but I enjoyed X2.
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I'm on the X2 camp, I hate Eddie Murphay
Gimme some sugar!

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X2 has a lead of 6-0

Will Daddy Day Care surprisingly make a big comeback?

Originally Posted by 7thson
X2 easily
Nice santa hat X2 for sure
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