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"Snakes on a Plane": To the pop culture set-9/10---
to those that have no idea what the in-joke is about: 4/10
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Last Life in the Universe - Beautifully shot (what else can you expect with Christopher Doyle behind the camera?) Thai/Japanese production that pays homage to Wong Kar-Wai and Takeshi Kitano, though the sharpness of emotional insight characteristic of both of those filmmakers is not quite as developed as it could be.



the illusionist will twist and turn in even more gaspworthy ways before the credits roll. yet it never winks at its modern audience. With so much style, such pretty people, and such cool tricks (look out for the orange tree!), the illusionist delivers more than you’d expect from a typical summer movie.

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Talladega Nights- 7.5

Snakes on a plane 6/10. Too stupid for my liking, even with all the internet shenanigans.

Can someone explain to me what the in-joke with snakes on a plane is??
Δύο άτομα. Μια μάχη. Κανένας συμβιβασμός.

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The illusionist - 6/10 Acting was good but story was.....

i liked Snakes on a Plane

last movie i saw was Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...funny as hell...10/10

Eraserhead 10/10
The craziest film I have ever seen! David Lynch is a genius! I don't care if you love him or hate him, you can't take away that fact. This is the most original film ever created. This is a film that you will never forget, either because you hate it so much or because you are stunned by the genius that this film is. You never know what's going to happen next. Brilliant and beautiful and horrifying. This was a spectacular movie experience!

Spirited Away 10/10!

This is a masterpiece! Easily top five of the 00's.

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Recently I watched Nanny McPhee with my nephew. I liked it. I thought Emma Thompson was great in it. I liked how bad they made her look, but by the end she was normal. However I don't no how kids would really understand why her appreance changed.

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the last movie i saw was was the wicker-man...a movie that i routinely wish i was dead through.

However the movie that i saw before that was crank which saw to my need for violence. and the story wasn't that bad either.

on the whole i am still waiting for the number one movie of the summer, or any season for that matter. because it sure hasn't come out yet.
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Beerfest yesterday
movie itself- 7/10
Funny moments- 10/10

Servant of Mankind 8/10
Liked this short a lot!

The City of Little Men 6.5/10
This was a pretty good short.