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Yep and it's totally cool that people compared this to Scorsese, I just didn't see much of a similarity since there are lots of movies like this by different directors it seems .

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back then no one could have though of a joker without copying nicholson
ledger showed up and made a clockwork orange type of joker. now it's the same thing
no one knows how joaquin can make a joker without copying the previews
ledger was a dangerous pick for the dark knight, was a chance they've given him
joaquin on the other hand is the first pick for any role like this one at the moment
he have proven, by now, his the probably best actor alive of his generation
ledger on the other hand, had five previews good performances, one which was very good
joaquin uses his strongest natural characteristic, the eyes, and he shows emoticons true them
i can't think of anyone in this business that shows emotions true the eyes like joaquin
the bar is very high for this movie, and i can't wait to see it, but from the trailers - it won't top.

I don't think I've seen enough of Joaquin Phoenix's work to really appreciate him as an actor but what's there in the footage and trailers is really exciting. I'm looking forward to this film.

In terms of expressing emotion in the eyes/facially, Michael Fassbender's the only other actor I can think of where it feels a level beyond everyone else. I always go to Jeremy Brett as an example of an actor who was able to perfectly control and time his facial expressions and emotions, and Fassbender's that good. It may have been about Shame that Vera Farmiga said she was impressed at the variety of emotions he can show all at once. I think his only weakness really is accents – some are better than others.

Well this film's probably going to be the first new experience. I can only think of him in Gladiator, Walk the Line and Signs.
I recommend Her, Quills, The Master (I don't like this movie, but he's excellent in it) and You Were Never Really Here. For his earlier work (not counting the ones he did as a kid) I recommend Inventing the Abbotts, Return to Paradise, and Clay Pigeons. He also has a small but hilarious role in U Turn.

He's good in everything. The only film he's in that I really, really don't recommend is Mary Magdelene.

I want to see Mary Magdelene but did it ever get released?

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The early reviews have this being a masterclass in acting, a reflection of society creating the monsters that it fears and the stylings of a late 70's/early 80's Scorcese film.

So...we gonna get that sequel with an early 80's Batman?

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Regardless of how good or bad it is, it doesn't look like a film that should get a sequel anyway. That would undermine its pretensions towards being a Serious Film.
Way too much stupid talk on the forum. Iroquois, I’m thinking about you.

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So...we gonna get that sequel with an early 80's Batman?
I doubt it, unless the Joker is recast. Phoenix doesn’t do sequels.
Well, has he done anything that would warrant a sequel?

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I guess not. Then it will be just like Dredd. A movie that many will cry out for more after seeing and then later find it was directed by somebody else.

Not really a dig at Phillips, but the influence is heavy in this, supposedly.

Well, has he done anything that would warrant a sequel?
Maybe, maybe not, but according to what I’ve heard/read the fact that this is meant to be a one-off film was one of the reasons he took the role.

Joker , have been and will be always that guy who is arguing with the law and harmess innocent people, they just try to get him in a way that people could see him as someone who was not like this always, but nah , for me will remain the same bastard "speaking only of the personaje of course"

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It won the Golden Lion at Venice.

That is...interesting.

It actually looks good in the trailers so I hope it is. I never understood why Joker is the main Batman villain though, as I don't find anything about him stands out more compared to other Batman villains which seem better. And after all these years, he is still the arch-nemesis. I'd rather see an origin story movie of Two-Face or The Riddler, for example.

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The mystery of the unexplained, is often that which intrigues us the most.

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The simplest way to put it is that Joker's chaos is the perfect antithesis to Batman's order so they are fundamentally primed for conflict from the start. Regarding other villains, I think it comes down to how much the villains are defined in relation to Batman himself and how much they can carry a movie without his presence to centre their development - The Dark Knight itself framed Two-Face and his chance-based vigilantism as being a compromise between the Joker's chaos and Batman's order, while the Riddler's trying to stump the World's Greatest Detective with his riddles.

What I'm finding surprising is that this is getting a 70mm release, which almost makes me curious enough to try seeking it out in that format just to see why it's getting such special treatment.

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When I first heard of the movie and who was going to be Joker, wasn't that interested in it to be honest. But after watching the trailer, I might give it a watch.