Most Influential Director w/ Smallest Body of Work?


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Sergio Leone only directed a few films and I feel that he has more style and influence than most directors who have more.

Katsushiro Otomo, a manga artist but also part-time film director, was the director of Akira and has only directed 3 feature films in total. Given Akira's influence, I guess he is pretty high in rankings by the ratio of influence to number of films directed.

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Whatever happened to Alfonso Cuarón? Was Roma a one-hit wonder?


I'd say Charles Laughton is worth speaking about. Only did 1 film but 'Night of the Hunter' is one of the most influential works in cinema and has been imitated by many from the Cohen Brothers and Spike Lee.

Gerald Kargl also only did 1 movie - 'Angst'. I think that type of realism in horror has been hugely influential.