Favorite Non-English Speaking Actors


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To clarify, I mean they speak a non-English language on screen.

Jean Gabin
Marcello Mastroianni
Patrick Dewaere
Gian Maria Volonte
Toshiro Mifune
Alain Delon

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such as Mads Mikkelsen in his Danish, German and French films?
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Juliette Binoche - One of the greatest living actors / actresses
Ricardo Darin - staggering consistency of quality films
Vincent Cassell - amazing filmography
Shahab Hosseini - always quality when I've seen him
Audrey Tautou - just because
Toshiro Mifune probably
Bruno Ganz probably
Min Sik Choi - his performance in Failan is amazing
Max von Sydow
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Max von Sydow
Bruno Ganz
Yves Montand
Daniel Auteuil
Javier Bardem
Peter Stormaire
Depardieu has surely been in some of the best french films during his prime, but I'm not sure he is as consistent as the others; although, you have to be doing something right if you have appeared in around 200 films.
Lena Olin
Juliette Binoche
Isabella Adjani when she has a good script

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Beautiful – what film is that from?

Juliette Binoche - One of the greatest living actors / actresses
She's not bad is she ?


I like Daniel Auteuil as well; he's still my favourite actor.

Vincent Cassell

Marco D'Amore

Monica Bellucci

Zhang Ziyi

Toshiro Mifune

Alain Delon

Wagner Moura

Takeshi Kitano

Jet Li

Alice Braga

Iko Uwais

and many more..
My Top 250

I'll add Denis Lavant to the thread as nobody's yet mentioned him.
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How would you guys rate The Trilogy? I figure if I start, I gotta finish, and just wanna see who likes it.
It's the greatest Trilogy of all time in my opinion. Either that of the Before / After trilogy. There is a slight dip with White, but the whole thing is a masterpiece. The end of Red is mind blowing.

I struggle to choose which I like best - Red or Blue, but Binoche's performance in Blue probably wins it by a tiny margin.