Who Would You Bring Back to Life for One More Movie?


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You have been given the power to bring a dead actor/filmmaker BACK TO LIFE to make ONE MORE MOVIE.

Who do you choose to bring back so they can make one more movie?

BONUS QUESTION: What would that movie be like?

I choose John Candy.

The movie would be a comedy, of course.
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I would say Harry Dean Stanton but I understand his swan song in movies, Lucky (2017) was absolutely stunning at a hyper 98% on RT.

Awaiting the DVD for that one.

From the distant past though?

Sir Richard Attenborough.
I'd cast him in a movie based on The Lincoln County War as LG Murphy... and get him to channel his role from 10 Rillington Place.

Although... actors who are still kicking, but retired... could you imagine Joe Pesci and Rick Moranis in a comedy together?

Actor - John Cazale

Director - Fritz Lang

Story -

Imagine all three of those together.

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I'd choose John Candy too, one of my favorites and gone way too soon. I'd have him star as Johnny LaRue, the last politically incorrect showman left in Hollywood. Or would that be Canada

I must have the psychic connection going again with SC (Jase) and CR (Rules) because as soon as I saw the thread's title the person who popped into my brain before I opened the thread was also John Candy!

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On that note, throw in Belushi and have all three of them get to do adaptations of A Confederacy of Dunces.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.
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Groucho Marx. I would love to see him do a rendition of Ebeneezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

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Brandon Lee

As a transgender superhero named Shyla. The media has labled her the "Bathroom Beater" because this is where most of her fights happen.

Possible sidekick and love interest being played by Peter Dinklage.

It's a dark comedy/action flick with a touch of heartwarming romance.

Tagline: Who needs balls?

Christopher Lee as Dracula
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