UCL 100 Redux

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Hello Salem, my name's Winifred. What's yours
OK Since i last made my 100 list ive seen a lot of films that have made me rethink my list and since my links on my previous 100 no longer work anyway i figure its time for a new one.

100. Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

99. Crash

98. Oliver!

97. Clash Of The Titans


95. Muppet Christmas Carol

94. Magnolia

93. Ewoks: Battle For Endor

92. This Boys Life

91. Jurassic Park

90. Monty Python's Life of Brian

Crash is terrible but did you ever make up for it with Secretary.

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Good stuff, keep 'em coming
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I really don't like about half of that list and I'm not too crazy about most of the others. However, you get a pos rep just for having The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie on the list at all. Looking forward to see what's next.

Great list UCL... I've been thinking about redoing mine because there are a few I want to add...
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Nicely done, so far, Lover. Keep 'em coming...
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Hello Salem, my name's Winifred. What's yours
thanks for all the feedback, heres some more

89. Saved!

88. Gangs of New York

87. Batman Returns (new)

86. Empire Strikes Back

85. Neverending Story (new)

84. Alien (new)

83. Clueless

82. Mary Poppins

81. Face/Off

80. Moulin Rouge

79. The Godfather 1 and 3


78. Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory

77. Van Helsing

76. American History X

75. The Wedding Singer

74. Finding Neverland

73. Erin Brockovich

72. Aliens

71. Drop Dead Gorgeous

70. A League Of Their Own

this is a totally personal list, no films on here for cool points, it could turn out to be a real loser geek fest
As it should be and why I'm interested in seeing what follows. I was merely commenting, not judging.

As for the last additions. Batman Returns and Clueless were almost worth a pos rep by themselves. However, you posted a pic of Drew Barrymore and there's no better reason for pos repping than that as far as I'm concerned.