2019 Mofo Film Awards - Nominations


The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Watching my last 2019 movie; The Gentlemen now, and then i'm sending in my list.
Do you have a link for that? I've been wanting to watch that!

The thing isolated becomes incomprehensible
Just made the first draft of the list, still need to watch a couple of films, namely The Lighthouse, The Gentlemen and Pain & Glory, before I submit it.

28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
Unfortunately, most of the 2019 movies I've seen aren't what I'd call award-worthy. Nevertheless, I'll submit what nominations I have before the due date.

Would I submit by private message?
Yes, PM me.

Less than a week to go.
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Suspect's Reviews

Submitted my list. Some hard choices to make, especially when I have 3/4 films that I want to get recognition, but want to be honest about my choices. No documentaries or animations seen from the year unfortunately for me, but otherwise lots I enjoyed.

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Sent mine in.
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