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Put me in your pocket...
Welcome back Sir T.
It's good to see you here and posting again.

I think I'll skip your movie also. Looks like it's too much for me.

Welcome back Sir T.
It's good to see you here and posting again.

I think I'll skip your movie also. Looks like it's too much for me.
Thank you maam!

As for the movie, where's your sense of adventure?

hey toose, it seemed to me like it would be a lot like the film with Luke Wilson and Kate (Beckinsdale?) called Vacancy, just with a dif location, and dif storyline (slightly). have you seen Vacancy, and if you did, is this one good enough to see as well?
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Ugh, I hate to barge in on this thread with a quick "I sure do hate that Vacancy movie" post, but, man, I sure do hate that Vacancy movie. It had maybe a few tense moments early on, but later and especially after "the big reveal", the whole movie just fell apart. I don't usually call bad flicks wastes of my time because A) my time isn't really worth all that much to begin with and B) I usually get something out of even the most awful movies. But Vacancy was just a complete and total waste of my time.


Put me in your pocket...

You're very welcome.

As for the movie, where's your sense of adventure?
It's in other cups of tea.~

So what's in your review cap next?

hey toose, it seemed to me like it would be a lot like the film with Luke Wilson and Kate (Beckinsdale?) called Vacancy, just with a dif location, and dif storyline (slightly). have you seen Vacancy, and if you did, is this one good enough to see as well?
I haven't braved Vacancy yet so I don't know. Frankly, I only watched Strangers because the masks intrigued me a little. Vacancy has Kate Beckinsale going for it but I have my doubts as to whether even she would be able to save it (judging only from what I've seen).

It's in other cups of tea.~
Fancy sidestepper.

So what's in your review cap next?
I don't know. I saw Bug the other day. I'm still wrestling with that one. Also, I saw Things We Lost in the Fire but i'm not sure about what to say there either. I'm gonna have to plead the 5th and surprise you

No pressure. Have you caught Drag Me to Hell? I'd love to see what you think of that one.
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How about the new Friday the 13th flick?

Oh, and I forgot to check in here and mention that I caught The Strangers a month or two ago. I think I would rate it a little lower than you but I agree with a lot of what you wrote about it.

Have you seen Eden Lake?

Haven't seen those either... been going backwards instead of forwards. How about i list what I was thinking of and you pick?

Angel Heart

One of Polanski's trilogy:
Rosemary's Baby or The Tenant or Repulsion

Fearless Vampire Killers

Dark Water

Maybe something else that's a few years old... I'm woefully behind on new ones.

Angel Heart. Gotta love that flick. Lisa Boner... er, Bonet. She was so naughty. Remember when Cosby kicked her off his show after she had the audacity to get nekkid in that flick?

I need to see Fearless Vampire Killers so if you want to do a write up for that it would be much appreciated.

Great reviews, Toose. I will only read the reviews to films I've seen. So far, that would only be I Am Legend. It saddened me that you rated Halloween 2007 a tad higher than I Am Legend. Sure, I Am Legend isn't as good as The Last Man on Earth, but still . . . We're talking Halloween 2007. I also hate that Rob Zombie used my nick-name on his poster . . .

I wonder if I can sue for that. It was very hard hitting the plus rep button on that post. I had to remind myself that it was for your hard work on the review. Not his . . . trashing of a classic!

Well, I'll need some time to reply to I Am Legend, but I do intend to. Until then, keep them coming. These are very nice. Again, great work!

Hey Des,

I don't have a particular soft spot for Zombie as a director. I think he's generally lacking in the creative spirit and rips off the shock factor of past events while trying to fob them off as his own take on the world. It's almost pitiful at times.

To me, his Halloween remake was formulaic and predictable save for a few things. There are several scenes (3) involving young Michael and the masks that I found to be quite brilliant. Knowing Zombie these were probably accidental but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. The parts of the film that are uniquely Zombie-esque such as the portrayal of the early family life, the over the top sexual scenes and the garbage language did absolutely nothing for the film but serve to drag it through the gutter. But there were those few moments...

In contrast, I am Legend did a brilliant job of setting the story up and then destroyed it with amateurish CGI that was inferior to stuff done 10 years ago. The fact that they made so much of an effort to bring post apocalypse NY to life, and did it very well, just made those second rate monsters look all the worse.

I'll defend my rating because I think those moments in Halloween, where things are going right, emotionally outweigh those moments in I am Legend where things are good as most of the scenes in the latter are backdrop and the ones in the former are pivotal to the story.

Thanks for the kind words too, much appreciated!

I haven't... though I want to see it.

Any other requests?
Any of the movies in my Top 10, for starters?
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James Ellroy's Feast of Death (2001)
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Some of the things that really interest me, other than movies, tend to run along the darker sides of life. My mother says I have a gutter interest in things to which I usually reply, "it takes one to know one". I have always been hugely fascinated with true crime, criminals, murder, mayhem and mystery because they run so contrary to something else that I also love which is the idyllic pastiche of middle America.

Feast of Death deals with a very broad subject, homicide, and whittles it down to its effect on one specific person, James Ellroy. Many of you probably already know who Ellroy is, particularly if you're a fan of L.A. Confidential or Black Dahlia, which are based on Ellroy's novels of the same names.

What you may not know is that L.A. Confidential is one of four novels set in L.A. in the late 1950's and is born of the same fascination with darkness that I spoke previously of. The difference is that Ellroy is actually a surviving victim of homicide as his mother was murdered in Los Angeles when he was ten years old. The experience of this, coupled with a story in Jack Webb's book The Badge (Dragnet) about the Black Dahlia murder sent him on a life long quest to make peace with his past, at first using the Dahlia as a stand in for his mother's case and then eventually dealing with his mother's death directly.

Feast of Death is a fascinating look into the mind of James Ellroy. In the film, Ellroy travels into the places that shaped him as a person. Along with some LAPD friends of his, they go into a detailed investigation of his mother's death as well as a detailed investigation of the events surrounding the Black Dahlia case. Ellroy melds the two together and explains how they relate in his mind and how this was the impetus that caused him to start writing. As a bonus, Larry Harnisch, an expert on the Dahlia case makes an appearance and outlines his theory (which is really very sound) on who he thinks perpetrated the Dahlia murder and why. Also included is a vignette trip to Dealy Plaza in Dallas and some commentary about that.

Because of his experiences and how he was able to deal with them, I find James Ellroy to be an incredibly interesting individual. He is crude at times, fair warning to anyone offended by profanity, don't watch this, but he is also down to earth, flawed and knows it. I've probably watched this documentary at least five times and could gas on for pages about it but i don't want to spoil it for those who might be interested.

My rating is
due to interest in the subject matter.

The general viewing public would probably rate it something like

Thanks Toose may watch this I am a big fan of crime etc
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