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  1. 10-14-09
    Happy Birthday.
  2. 01-19-09
    How's the new gig going Mr. Swede?

    Btw, I caught Stuck an City of Embers this weekend. Good stuff, thanks for the recommendations.
  3. 01-11-09
    Wanna peek under my mask?
  4. 01-11-09
    Check it out! Now we can have a conversation online that's like totally different than the other conversations that we have online... Awesome.
Slumdog Millionaire   1/05/09
And, yeah, I give Boyle credit - Slumdog's a technically very well-made movie that's shot superbly...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   12/27/08
Outside of those hospital scenes, though, you can't really c...

No Country for Old Men   6/18/08
I really liked the movie the first time I saw it and I loved the Coens for not resting on their laurels and go...

High Fidelity   3/13/08
High Fidelity is a good movie...

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