The MoFo Top 100 Animated Films - The Countdown

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I think you have to like The Beetles music to enjoy The Yellow Submarine. I don't like their music and I found the movie to be a chore to get through. Quality wise I find no fault in it.

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Sleeping Beauty was my #2... so that means I gave it the most points. Followed by Gunslinger and Cobpyth.

Frankly, I'm surprised it's showed up already. I find that very disappointing. If this was Rodent's Comic Book Movies list, it would be discarded and tossed aside. I actually fear for the rest of the list now since Sleeping Beauty is already here. Yet at the same time, I'm also a little surprised at how others really love it. It's gotta be Miss Vic..err..Maleficent. She was a marvelous witch bitch.

It's been awhile since I've seen it... but I saw it lots and lots of times in the distant past. I can't quite remember everything about the ending -- doesn't the prince fight off Maleficent in front of her castle where she turns into a bunch of deadly vines and weeds and things? Some of you are saying that's the best part, but I actually always didn't care much for the ending. I remember her chaining up the prince in her dungeon -- that was okay. But that weed fight was ... ehhh.

I always liked when the different colored fairies (not talking about African American homosexuals) fought over what color that dress should be when they're in that little house, baking a cake and sewing and such. Also -- the spindle (spinning wheel) scene. Very creepy. Like a horror film. I used to want my own spinning wheel when I was a kid because of that -- so I could touch it and awake only when Jake Gyllenhaal came. And I also like the scene at the beginning when Maleficent first arrives and puts a Sexy Curse on Aurora, or whatever her name was.

Oh, Maleficent turns into a dragon at the end. I forgot about that.

"Make it blue!"

I need Merryweather to transform all these Asian movies and things nobody's heard of into movies that I approve of. I'll send her over to the '90s Movie Countdown list first.
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Castle in the Sky I really liked and had it at #19. One of the simpler yet maybe more powerful Mayazaki films. Not too much mystical magical mishmash in this one, just pure adventurous fun! Music is great as expected by JH, and the animation and overall feel of it was what ultimately made it land on my list.

Duck Amuck was actually the only short film I ever thought about including, I think. Great inventive fun! But honestly we should've done animated shorts as a separate list. I really felt like it was hard to put, let's say, an 8 minute short film up agains something that lasts 90 minutes. It's just harder for a short film to get everything said in a short period of time... But I'm glad it made it and I'm sure more will come that I've also seen and glad that they made it!

Sleeping Beauty was my #25 but honestly, it could've been higher. One of the main reasons why I put it on my list and why I love and respect it, is its BEAUTIFUL 70mm picture. First animated film like that, and holy mother of God they used it well. The unique "edged and squary" looking style that they went for, works so damn well. And beautiful use of color too. A great and greatly underrated Disney film.

I had Tale of Tales as number 4, i had hoped it would break the top 50, but i guess its underseen. I saw it earlier this year together with some friends and i find it a really striking piace of animation. Unfortunately this will probably mean that we wont see Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) and The Heron and the Crane (1974) on this list, which i had rather high on my list

Glad to see Sleeping Beauty on the list. It's a beautiful, classic movie and I can't wait to watch it again.

So, my list and the countdown comparison numbers so far:
10. Lady and the Tramp #78
14. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit #58
18. Sleeping Beauty #54
23. A Bug's Life #98
24. Tarzan #97
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I had Disney's Sleeping Beauty as my number twenty-three.

5. A Town Called Panic (#76)
7. The Illusionist (#60)
13. Animal Farm (#89)
15. Yellow Submarine (#62)
19. Watership Down (#75)
23. Sleeping Beauty (#54)
25. Hugo the Hippo (DNP)

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"Film is a disease. When it infects your bloodstream it takes over as the number one hormone. It bosses the enzymes, directs the pineal gland, plays Iago to your psyche. As with heroin, the antidote to Film is more Film." - Frank Capra

We're waiting. Post two more movies.

I know it's Christmas and I know you posted 4 movies yesterday, but so what? Let's get the show on the road.

We're waiting. Post two more movies.

I know it's Christmas and I know you posted 4 movies yesterday, but so what? Let's get the show on the road.
Let me think about that....



Let me think about that....


I don't think you thought hard enough about it, though. Move the dial on your head over to 10 or whatever the MAX speed is.

Castle in the Sky I really liked and had it at #19. One of the simpler yet maybe more powerful Mayazaki films. Not too much mystical magical mishmash in this one, just pure adventurous fun! Music is great as expected by JH, and the animation and overall feel of it was what ultimately made it land on my list.
The world building is extremely rich in Castle in the Sky. It's rare to see a movie with that rich feeling, it's a rarity.

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52. The Simpsons Movie - Voting Stats

Total Points: 130
Part of a Numeric Tie? No.
9 Votes: Two 4th Place (22 pts. each), 6th Place (20 pts.), 7th Place (19 pts.), Two 12th Place (14 pts. each), 16th Place (10 pts.), 20th Place (6 pts.), 23rd Place (3 pts.)

* * *

51. Chicken Run - Voting Stats

Total Points: 132
Part of a Numeric Tie? Yes, but more on that tomorrow.
10 Votes: 7th Place (19 pts.), 8th Place (18 pts.), 9th Place (17 pts.), 10th Place (16 pts.), 11th Place (15 pts.), 12th Place (14 pts.), 14th Place (12 pts.), 15th Place (11 pts.) Two 21st Place (5 pts. each)

I was afraid The Simpsons movie would make it. I like The Simpsons well enough, but in honesty the movie is not very good.

Chicken Run I haven't seen in ages but didn't care for it either.


First off, no fewer than six MoFos have written reviews of The Simpsons Movie, myself included. I had it 7th, because it's one of the funniest flippin' movies I've ever seen. I was so pleased with it, and I've watched it several times since. It really brought back the confidence and verve it had in its heyday (though I say that as someone who isn't on board the "it's not good anymore" train to begin with). Anyway, here's my review from when it came out:

They nailed it.

Fans of The Simpsons have been hearing rumors of a movie based on the series since the mid-90s. But with each passing season the importance of doing the series justice grew, and the film spent the better part of a decade in development hell. After almost fifteen years of rumors and false starts, Matt Groening and ten other writers have produced a film worthy of the franchise.

The story -- which, as any Simpsons fan knows, is not especially important -- concerns the growing pollution in Lake Springfield. Homer pushes it past the point of no return with a silo full of pig excrement.

Enter the Environmental Protection Agency, whose funding has apparently quadrupled somewhere between the real world and the film's story. Their solution is to cover all of Springfield in a giant plastic dome. It goes without saying that the town quickly devolves into chaos, and that its inhabitants are none too happy with Homer.

Though plotlines on The Simpsons are never anything more than a framework for the jokes, the film's story holds together nicely. It is equal parts absurd and epic, and allows for a number of elegant cameos and references to the series' more memorable moments. It will make perfect sense to someone new to the universe, but still has plenty of visual easter eggs for the devout Simpsonsite to enjoy.

The voice acting is predictably brilliant, and the animation manages to look crisper and fuller than usual without losing any of its crude charm.

The most striking thing about The Simpsons Movie, however, is how edgy it is compared to the series. Freed from the constraints of network television, Groening and Co. use the bit of extra leeway that a PG-13 rating provides to push the envelope further than they have in years. Everything about the production oozes confidence. The jokes are more biting, and the satire is more fearless.

Fans can be forgiven for feeling that The Simpsons has dulled a bit over the last few seasons. When the show premiered, it was smarter and more irreverent than anything else on television. These days, the emergence of quasi-knockoffs such as Family Guy have diluted our sensitivities to crazed antics by placing a higher premium on edginess than comedy--they're all edge and no point.

The Simpsons Movie, however, walks that delicate line between absurdity and stupidity which has always been the hallmark of the franchise, and proves that there's still no replicating its unique brand of comedy.

As smart as it is ridiculous, The Simpsons Movie was a long time in the making, but well worth the wait. One of the best television shows in history has become one of the best comedies of 2007.

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I liked The Simpsons movie but didn't vote for it.

I put Chicken Run on my watchlist when there was only a few days left, and I didn't get to it.

I thought The Simpsons movie was good, but not good enough to even consider for my ballot.

I adore Chicken Run. I remember I was still in my anti-animation phase, but a friend wanted to see this and I ended up going to the theater to see it. I loved it immediately and soon after started to open my mind back up to the idea that animation isn't just for little kids. I had it at #9.