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  1. 03-01-17
    Hey, I removed Joby's latest thread, but just FYI, the GIF with the f-bomb in it would've had to be removed otherwise. We treat swearing in images the same as in text. Moot in this case, however, since it's gone. Just for future reference.
  2. 02-16-17
    I recall someone posting it a while ago on another site. I just searched for it and I believe this is it They should've really kept those scenes in. It would've made an already awesome movie that much more so.
  3. 02-16-17
    Thanks, it's one of my favorite films. Oddly enough not added to my actual favorites. Speaking of favorites, that's a pretty solid list you have there.
  4. 02-15-17
    Heh. When I saw it as a kid I thought it was like Star Wars for people on drugs.
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