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Good whiskey make jackrabbit slap de bear.
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I exuberate awesomeness and piss excellence. Biography
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"George, this is a little too much for me. Escaped convicts, fugitive sex... I've got a cockfight to focus on."
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  1. 05-11-16
    Happy Birthday!
  2. 03-20-15
    Lol I go offline for a few minutes and come back to a whopping 17 rep. Thanks.
  3. 03-02-15
    Good to know
  4. 03-02-15
    Hi, i don't think i've talked to you on the site before but i've noticed you sending in lists for the Countdowns. You should send Iroquois a top 25 Albums list if you are interested of course.
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Face/Off   8/05/14
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Eyes Wide Shut   8/02/14
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Considering that this film has already been analysed to death, I can't really thi...

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