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it's better to have loved and lost
than to live with the psycho
for the rest of your life
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  1. 07-01-10
    Ah, I dig. Well, glad you decided to pop back in, anyway. Perhaps I'll share your feelings on home ownership in the future, though thankfully so far it's just leaky fridges and a whole ton of doorknobs falling off.
  2. 07-01-10
    Given the price I'm guessing that's Central Air or something?
  3. 07-01-10
    Not good. Still, you bought on a down market, so that's something.
  4. 07-01-10
    Yeah, not exactly intuitive.

    Sounds like cool stuff. Hope you dig the house. Became a half-homeowner myself recently, and so far I'm a big fan of it.
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