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“Sugar is the most important thing in my life…”
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  1. 11-30-22
    Thanks, man
    Which one though? The stamps or the flashy one
    That flashy one I've had chambered for about 5 years now lol!
  2. 02-15-22
    My mom hates me so much the first time I got straight As she went and asked if there was a mistake.

    *that has the added benefit of being true 💀
  3. 01-28-22
    Not important. It was a photo I uploaded when I had the Aurora. Gotta remind myself that not everyone looks at the editing metadata. xD
  4. 01-14-22
    I feel like I missing something or I’m already going senile 😅
Predator   8/14/16
The opening assault on an *insert any generic bad guy camp you have seen from any action movie* is a necessary

The Drop   7/28/15
Bob (Tom Hardy) keeps bar at his cousin's Marv (James Gandolfini) bar in Brooklyn

Ex Machina   4/26/15
The majority of the film revolves around Caleb and his interaction with Nathan and AVA

Falling Down   1/15/15
Falling Down is a film about a man (William Foster) who finally snaps, when he cannot bear the perceived injus

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