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I remember seeing trailers for The Drop and thinking it looked like a snug lil' crime movie. Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini (his last movie before he passed) and Noomi Rapace (still looking nothing like the lady from Prometheus), seemed like a sure bet. Like many things, I never got around to seeing it and slowly drifted into the ether. Needless to say, I had missed out on a real winner.

Bob (Tom Hardy) keeps bar at his cousin's Marv (James Gandolfini) bar in Brooklyn. Bob seems like a regular guy that could have been dropped on his head as a babe. He communicates and interacts fine, but his actions come across like they are a page behind. Hardy plays Bob like a guy you can count on, not easily sidetracked, moving from one thing to the next regardless of the situation.

Marv is the namesake of Cousin Marv's bar and related to Bob. His name is on the building, but the bar is no longer his. After a change of owernship, Marv's is now in the rotation of drop-offs for various illegal monies. The belief being, that would be stick-up crews don't know where the score is on any given night. In light of Hardy playing a character new to me, Gandolfini is Gandolfini. The facial expressions, the seething, and a dash of self-loathing...you know what you got here.

The introduction of Noomi Rapace's character Nadia, serves as the jump-off for the story. One night when Bob is leaving work, he hears the sound of a whimpering dog. Looking in a set of trash cans in front of a home, he finds an abandoned and beaten pit bull puppy. In the process of rescuing the dog, Nadia comes out of the house and away we go.

I will leave the rest for you to experience. This was not the movie I expected, but one I enjoyed immensely. Of all the stuff I have seen in recent memory, this was first to affect my emotions. Mainly, a sense of paranoia. By no means is this a thriller, but I was really concerned with what was going to happen to Bob. The situations that begin to unfold left me nervous and uneasy.

The Drop delivered what I seek the most in movies, an experience. Often, I find movies hard to watch because I am detached from what is happening. I was thoroughly engrossed from the beginning to end and reminded of why I am so often enamored by the movies.