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  1. 09-19-16
    I'll try to add my comments in the next day or two. My schedule's been kind of crazy recently, so I've mostly been online at night, and I've been so tired that I literally fell asleep in front of the computer a few times this week. But I'll update my comments ASAP.
  2. 08-14-16
    It's fine mate.
  3. 08-12-16
    Sorry dude im just having distractions at present while on here. Some one wants me too send music links for a thread and i did but they want them a different way and I dont know how.
  4. 08-12-16
    My comment wasn't really directed towards you. Though it's obviously not great to reply to a post about keeping things on topic by talking about why you went off topic, anyway. If you want to reply, best to do it somewhere else (like here), otherwise it all just starts up again.
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