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  1. 05-22-17
    All I'm good at is keeping up with people, so I appreciate people like Yoda and you that really know their stuff. Thanks for being willing to hop on, hopefully will get to do it again with you soon!
  2. 05-21-17
    You too! Thanks for coming on, and for wading through our non-stop chattering.

    Yeah, the list is gonna take awhile to churn through (a couple other people have asked to be added, no less), but I'll keep that in mind, and I appreciate you being so willing and enthusiastic, too.
  3. 12-12-16
    It's my favorite manga and I was able to see both live-action films
  4. 05-25-16
    I discover them 1 months ago! They are awesome
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Zootopia   3/06/16
I really do think that this is one of the best Disney movies of the 2000s, and has become one of my favorite a

Gattaca   12/06/15
The movie follows Freeman's journey as he infiltrates the Gatacca space program by posing as another person na

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