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  1. 03-26-19
    I am ready
  2. 03-24-19
    I am. I hope he will be!

    I just wanted to officially tackle the 18th HOF before I started another project. But I only have one left!
  3. 02-17-19
    NBD, we can usually figure out when it's just a misclick. Appreciate the heads-up, though.
  4. 02-09-19
    Thanks man.
Blue Ruin   5/20/20
Once again, the film is consistent about its display of violence, of character and of story...

The Last Picture Show   5/16/20
But the little moments leading up to all this just didnt work for me much and the coming of age stuff was only...

Inglourious Basterds   5/14/20
I really like this film, because it is so much fun and I find a fair number of scenes to be really great on th...

Shine   5/11/20
So as with David Helfgott, the film itself also seems to find its greatest success a little too late and perso...

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