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  1. 01-21-15
    And this is what I should have did in the first place!

  2. 01-21-15
    sorry yeah google translate wasnt much help I see... even bablefish wouldnt help me.. .

    for some reason I thought you didnt like me.. but who knows.
  3. 12-28-14
    No probs. I held the comics/graphic-novels countdown so I tend to get lots of questions in my head when people hold countdowns.
    I never want to sound pedantic or anything, but without constructive questions, we'd never get anywhere

    As for artwork, I did all my own for the comics, and have helped Miss Vicky with the animation list as well.
    All of the MoFie Awards and artwork for the MoFies have been done by me as well. Even the animated one Godoggo posted on the first page
  4. 11-22-14
    I really like your top 10. It's a great mix of fantastic directors and classic films.
Lolita   6/09/19
This was my first time being seduced by Kubricks controversial tale of confusion, obsession, perversion and of...

2001: A Space Odyssey   5/12/19
And again, in relation to the odyssey of mankind, it might not just be the destruction of man, but the overall...

The Shining   5/02/19
Not one character in this movie feels completely normal, which is of course a classic element to a Kubrick fil...

A Clockwork Orange   4/21/19
A film that is almost too on the nose with its themes and structure, yet it smells like fresh grass and wicked...

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