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"You, me, everyone...we are all made of star stuff." - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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  1. 02-02-14
    New avatar for you:

  2. 07-10-12
    "Come quietly or there will be... trouble."
  3. 08-21-11
    Ahah. I love your avatar. xD
  4. 04-06-11
    Agreed. I like it. Though it'll take me awhile to get used to it.
Hamlet 2   8/19/11
I often wondered why I found this pitch black farce so funny, but in the end, I just gave in to it's weird cha

Hall Pass   8/16/11
Wilson can't get any alone time with his gorgeous, supportive wife (Jenna Fischer) because of their three kids

Last Days   10/26/05
Last Days is a disturbing, funny, sad, and ultimately unforgettable film that I give my highest possible recom

The Craft   1/06/05
I reccomend The Craft for what it is, an above average scary teen movie that doesn't speak down to its audienc

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