Hamlet 2   8/19/11
by Monkeypunch
I often wondered why I found this pitch black farce so funny, but in the end, I just gave in to it's weird charms and it's since become a favorite that I watch often. I can't recommend this one enough.

Hall Pass   8/16/11
by Monkeypunch
Wilson can't get any alone time with his gorgeous, supportive wife (Jenna Fischer) because of their three kids, so his eye and his mind start to stray, and Sudekis is feeling caged by his fairly high maintenance wife (Christina Applegate), both of them lust after a hot barrista at the local coffee s...

Last Days   10/26/05
by Monkeypunch
Last Days is a disturbing, funny, sad, and ultimately unforgettable film that I give my highest possible recommendation.

The Craft   1/06/05
by Monkeypunch
I reccomend The Craft for what it is, an above average scary teen movie that doesn't speak down to its audience and doesn't pull its punches. And it has a great soundtrack, as well.

Daredevil (Director's Cut)   12/18/04
by Monkeypunch
...the director's cut version makes it better, and worth another look, even for people who didn't like the original.

The Incredibles   11/10/04
by Monkeypunch
The Incredibles is the best film this year, and rivals Spider-Man 2 for the title of "Best Super-hero Movie Ever." Go see it now.

Grand Theft Parsons   11/09/04
by Monkeypunch
Grand Theft Parsons has it's problems, mainly being that it is too short. The film is only 88 minutes. Other than that, it is definitely worth seeing.

Ed Wood   10/21/04
by Monkeypunch
The film Ed Wood was something of a mild disappoitment at the box office, but now also has a cult following. It's a must see.

Team America: World Police   10/21/04
by Monkeypunch
Team America had the chance to be cutting and timely, but it squanders all of its potential.

Collateral   8/18/04
by Monkeypunch
I really really loved the first half or Collateral. It was an antidote to bad action buddy movies. too bad it crashed and burned at the end. I am just barely recommending it for Foxx and Cruise's stellar performances...

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