Hamlet 2   8/19/11
by Monkeypunch
He writes a blindingly tasteless and artless play called Hamlet 2, where Hamlet, along with Jesus Christ, Albert Einstein, and what appears to be the cast of Grease, travels back in time to save the lives of all the characters who died in the original Shakespeare play.

Hall Pass   8/16/11
by Monkeypunch
Wilson can't get any alone time with his gorgeous, supportive wife (Jenna Fischer) because of their three kids, so his eye and his mind start to stray, and Sudekis is feeling caged by his fairly high maintenance wife (Christina Applegate), both of them lust after a hot barrista at the local coffee shop (Nicky Whelan) and their rampant hormones and sexism get them into trouble with both friends and family.

Last Days   10/26/05
by Monkeypunch
The film was largely improvised by Van Sant and his actors, and it seems more real than any Hollywood film about this same subject would.

The Craft   1/06/05
by Monkeypunch
a lot more could have been done with her character, I think, but the film doesn't seem to have time for character study.

Daredevil   12/18/04
by Monkeypunch
The director was told to edit what he had filmed into a 90 minute summer movie that kids can see, and he did, but that wasn't the film he made.

The Incredibles   11/10/04
by Monkeypunch
There are no cute talking animals, no wacky side-kicks, no songs to fill up the film's two hour running time, and they aren't needed.

Grand Theft Parsons   11/09/04
by Monkeypunch
Knoxville is the reason to see this film, he is an actor to watch, should he follow up on this with another good movie.

Ed Wood   10/21/04
by Monkeypunch
The heart of the film is Ed's friendship with Lugosi, played by Martin Landau, who won an oscar for his amazing and poignant performance.

Team America: World Police   10/21/04
by Monkeypunch
A lot of the film is recyled from the filmmakers' early, and better, work.

Collateral   8/18/04
by Monkeypunch
By the time Tom Cruise's middle aged sociopath jumps onto the back of a moving subway car, you can't help but wonder if this is the ending to a different film you're watching, or if thery replaced the director for the last act, or if Mann just can't resist returning to his "Miami Vice" days of predictable action drivel....

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