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  1. 4 weeks ago
    NBD, we can usually figure out when it's just a misclick. Appreciate the heads-up, though.
  2. 02-09-19
    Thanks man.
  3. 02-09-19
    I AM DOWN! I'm a bit busy working on a short film at the moment but yeah, we should look to plan one.
  4. 09-28-17
Free Solo   3/17/19
When he reached the peak of El Capitan, he also reached the peak of the human capability.....

Perfect Blue   2/28/19
The way the film presents a persons slowly crumbling sanity, combined with the later introduced schizophrenic ...

Split   2/26/19
I mean, there was basically no story at least for the first many, many, many minutes it just felt like random...

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close   2/21/19
But I wish movies about actual events had just a tad more au...

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