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I love movies but often my tastes in them don't match up to those of other "movie buffs." I'm also highly opinionated, so if I offend you, sorry (or not? Depends on who you are.) Biography
Northern California Location
Besides movies, I love music (mostly classic rock) and fiction writing. I'm currently working on my first novel. Hopefully I'll finish it in this liftetime. It's only been almost two decades in the making so far. Interests
Veterinary receptionist/assistant Occupation
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  1. 10-23-18
    I'm getting through it, just under half way now. With uni being back on I can't get much reading done since I have minimum two novels per week to read on top of other things. I get a reading week in a little bit though which will give me a lot of time!
  2. 10-01-18
    Oh okay! I'll keep tabs on it like I say, I should be getting more back into things this week!
  3. 09-30-18
    Slowly but surely! The last week has been manic for me but once I'm settled back and everything I'll finish it off!
  4. 09-22-18
    Yeah that doesn't sound like a blatant lie
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