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I am a Western Smooth Knob-tailed Gecko and Kate Upton Occupation
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  1. 11-30-14
    A lot of people like Almodovar, but I don't. Bad Education was good. All About My Mother - I thought was good when I watched it years ago. But then I saw some other stuff and started hating him. I recently, in fact, tried to watch I'm So Excited! and couldn't get through it -- turned it off. He is well loved around here, but frankly I find his films nauseating now.
  2. 11-30-14
    Oh, that Almodovar thing. I liked that when I saw it. Used to have it on DVD, in fact, but not anymore and haven't seen it in years.
  3. 11-30-14
    What's your profile banner from?
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