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Conversation Between Lennon and Yoda

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  1. 08-29-12
    Interesting that you like Walt. Most people at this point of the show are, at best, pretty ambivalent about him. Pretty much everyone hates Skyler, though, but I have some theories about why that is and it has to do with the difference between TV and reality.

    Glad you like it. Keep me posted! You're really flying through it. Man, I wish I could go back and watch the ends of seasons 3 and 4 again. The show hits a whole new level soon.
  2. 08-29-12
    Character thoughts so far? Well I like Walt a lot I find him to be very respectable even if he is doing a bad thing. I'm digging Jesse's struggle with sobriety because he actually is a good person. My least favorite character is Skyler, I just hate her and want to hit her with a car. Overall I'm really liking the show.
  3. 08-29-12
    Wow, you're into season 3 already, after just a few days? Getting better, isn't it? I think 1 is slightly better than two, but that 3 is better than both, and 4 is even better than 3.

    My brother watched the first 4 seasons in something like 4-5 days, I think it was...

    What're your thoughts so far? Feelings towards various characters, etc?
  4. 08-29-12
    Well I'm on the fly episode now, but I believe I was making reference to the "turtle."