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  1. 12-30-22
    Thanks. Always happy to answer questions about it. A lot of what I learned early on I learned from just picking people's brains. Always worked better than tutorials and the like.
  2. 12-30-22
    Yeah i think I would be. We used Microsoft SQL and C# but even further back I used PHP/MySQL. One of those things if you can understand what is happening when you read the code well enough then adjusting syntax is normally quite straightforward.

    Yeah, it's funny how these things work out. My interest in web design came in hanging around forums and wanting to know what made them work and now I make a living out of it Everyone thinks because I did a half-Computer Science degree at University that's where I learned what I know but I only did one web module which lasted about 4 weeks. It's really cool to see what you've added to this forum and how it all supplements the heart of it - the actual forum/discussion board.
  3. 12-30-22
    Yeah, basic SQL. I think you'd be pretty at home with this software (or newer software otherwise a lot like it) from that.

    Yeah, it's definitely been a learning experience. Not a lot of formal learning, just a lot of "learn about that part of the car when it breaks" learning. But after a long enough time that covers most of it anyway.
  4. 12-30-22
    Yeah, I was never really taught much about databases but in my previous job where I worked three years this one guy was a master at all that sort of stuff. He taught me how to build simple commands in C# to utilise large-scale databases that we managed. Stuff like inserts, querying, and then joins too. I never got that good at it and wouldn't know best practices but I got to a competent level.

    It's mad to think how many skills you must have learned as a result of starting up this movie forum all these years ago