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Conversation Between adidasss and Yoda

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  1. 10-13-12
    Oh, are you a lawyer as well, then? I have a vague memory of you saying this, but it's been awhile. Sounds like an interesting job, either way.

    I dig, on the work thing. I do less here when the day job's busier, too. Glad you've been able to watch more films recently, though. I often hesitate but whenever I start up again I wonder what took me so long.
  2. 10-12-12
    Well I'm a contract advisor, so I comment on drafts of contracts we get from clients, try to adapt the terms to suit our needs and then sometimes I also negotiate them. The latter part is the coolest because I get to travel around the world a bit. If it weren't for that it would be just another pencil pushing job. Interesting enough I suppose but not something anyone would be passionate about...

    The downside is that ever since I moved down here I've been working around the clock so even though I've started watching more films recently I can't muster enough will power to actually write about them. Hence the lurking...
  3. 10-09-12
    Ah, cool; what do you do for them, if you don't mind me asking?

    I can see that, about the heat. I imagine it's kind of fun at first, but yeah, I like the seasons. I get tired of them all, but always right in time for the next one.

    It'd be quite cool to see you around. You see a nice variety of films outside the mainstream, and I know a lot of people really enjoyed your posts for that reason.
  4. 10-08-12
    Well there was some reorganisation inside the company and they decided to shift the bulk of my department down where the clients are (I work for an oil and gas construction company). I moved in December last year and for the first 6 months I was pretty happy. Never lived outside of Croatia before, it was all very exciting. Then the heat set in and the enthusiasm went down. But it's still pretty good, mostly because I earn a lot more money now and can afford much more. But I hope I wont spend more than a few years here. It's not really a place you can build a life, especially for people of my "ilk"
    Anyway, hope to see you around, I've started watching movies again...