The Invisible Man - Box Office Champion

The Invisible Man

$28.20m $28.20m 1. The Invisible Man
$128.55m $16.26m 2. Sonic the Hedgehog
$46.01m $13.36m 3. The Call of the Wild
$9.26m $5.88m 4. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
$197.41m $4.35m 5. Bad Boys for Life
$78.85m $4.10m 6. Birds of Prey
$6.67m $3.60m 7. Impractical Jokers: The Movie
$155.90m $2.71m 8. 1917
$9.77m $2.62m 9. Brahms: The Boy II
$24.05m $2.32m 10. Fantasy Island
$313.78m $2.18m 11. Jumanji: The Next Level
$51.47m $1.43m 12. Parasite
$1.46m $1.15m 13. Emma.
$35.17m $1.09m 14. The Gentlemen
$19.63m $1.05m 15. The Photograph
$76.03m $1.03m 16. Dolittle
$2.47m $0.74m 17. Portrait of a Lady on Fire
$164.65m $0.62m 18. Knives Out
$2.35m $0.61m 19. My Boyfriend's Meds
$107.63m $0.40m 20. Little Women