The Gentlemen   3/30/20
by neiba
Being one of those fans, my expectations to "The Gentlemen" were still high and I sat down expecting to watch a true Guy Ritchie film, if not as good as the first two hits, at least something that could make them justice.

Joy   1/12/16
by neiba
Even Joy, the title character, seemed exactly the same during the whole movie (the only reason I see possible for Jennifer Lawrence winning that Golden Globe is that she did the most what she could with almost zero material - and I don't want to believe that she was the most deserving actress of ...

For a Few Dollars More   10/19/15
by neiba
Everyone knows now exactly how to do things: Leone has solidified his style and technique, Eastwood and Volont re much more comfortable with their characters (Eastwood, in particular, delivers his best performance on a Leone film) and the new guy, Lee van Cleef is an amazing addition to the cast, le...

Night and Fog   8/02/15
by neiba
The problem with most Holocaust films is that they portray the story as a one time only event.

All Quiet on the Western Front   5/06/15
by neiba
Overall, this is an overwhelming experience and a mandatory watch to every war film lover!

The Green Butchers   4/07/15
by neiba
De Gronne Slagtere its not a film for everyone, thats guaranteed!

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb   4/06/15
by neiba
So, how did Kubrick manage to create a film where the possibility of nuclear Holocaust is faced with laughs instead of panic?

Interstellar   4/05/15
by neiba
Although it's a daring work in view of the current reality of Hollywood, this film does not break completely with all the premises of the American film industry as it should, in my opinion.

Judgment at Nuremberg   3/27/15
by neiba
Judgment at Nuremberg is a 1961 film directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Spencer Tray, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich and Maximilian Schell.

Rosemary's Baby   9/20/14
by neiba
Although it does not contain the elements that traditionally compose a horror movie (blood, sudden shock-moments, etc.) this film is a masterpiece of its genre because it does not depend on these same elements to create a truly frightening and unsettling atmosphere.

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