Funny Games   6/20/10
by meatwadsprite
Seamlessly you're rooting for both sides, which is a pretty uncommon thing to say about a torture thriller.

The Spy Next Door   6/10/10
by meatwadsprite
There's no creativity here ... It's got less production values than a Disney television series.

Ajami   6/06/10
by meatwadsprite
It's not something entirely new, rather a geographical spin, and it often won't play to it's best elements.

Iron Man 2   5/09/10
by meatwadsprite
[i]Iron Man 2[/i] may not meet expectations, but it's a much welcome chapter to a hopefully continuing saga.

Kick-Ass   4/19/10
by meatwadsprite
Without a doubt the action scenes are the high point of Kick Ass, Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) plow through bad guys in glorious brutality.

An Education   4/12/10
by meatwadsprite
An Education doesn't glorify knowledge enough to be a complete success, but it will deliver it's message, even more effectively I think to kids in high school who're thinking twice about continuing their own education.

The Secret of Kells   3/20/10
by meatwadsprite
You know the characters within the first minute of their appearance and you'll know exactly what's coming in the near future of the movie.

The Road   1/10/10
by meatwadsprite
If the film is indeed faithful to the book, then the source material is simply not cinematic or good at all.

The Lovely Bones   1/04/10
by meatwadsprite
[i]The Lovely Bones[/i] is a surreal thriller with strong performances.

Where the Wild Things Are   10/20/09
by meatwadsprite
You'll spot a lot of coincidences in the monsters and Max's family and himself, Carol (Gandolfini) for example is a naive childish version of Max who can't always get what he wants.

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