Spirited Away   10/19/19
by ahwell
Long before Miyazaki was my favorite animator and one of my favorite directors, I stumbled across Spirited Away.

WALL·E   10/18/19
by ahwell
Obviously the first similarity is that both these movies are sci-fi movies set in the future (although Wall-E is set considerably more forward in time).

Mary and Max   10/18/19
by ahwell
If there's one good reason for my doing this entire tournament, it's probably the fact that I discovered so many good new films, and easily the best movie I discovered was Mary and Max.

Fantastic Mr. Fox   10/17/19
by ahwell
Fox is one of the greatest animated movies ever made, and easily the best animated movie of 2009 (sorry Mary and Max and Up), if not the best picture period.

Beauty and the Beast   10/17/19
by ahwell
It doesn't have character and pacing issues like The Lion King, and it doesn't have obnoxious sidekick characters such as (once again) The Lion King and Aladdin.

The Incredibles   10/16/19
by ahwell
And The Incredibles is definitely a good movie, a really good movie.

Ratatouille   10/14/19
by ahwell
It's a much better ending than the Bee Movie (I know I'm comparing one of the best animated movies ever made to the worst), in which the bees and the humans begin co-existing.

Persepolis   10/13/19
by ahwell
This movie has a lot of layers.

Fantasia   10/13/19
by ahwell
There's something magical and ethereal about this film that can't be captured in any other animated movie.

Kiki's Delivery Service   10/12/19
by ahwell
It is not my favorite Miyazaki movie but I still absolutely love it.

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