Resilience   2/21/24
by Thief
The short was made my Yunie Choi, a second year student at CalArts at the time, who describes it as "ravaged nature finding its strength and gradually recovering alongside the vibrant resurgence of life."

Nightcrawler   2/21/24
by Thief
The pursuit of that kind of shady news by Bloom, the news agency, and the audience is the basis of the film.

Tightrope   2/20/24
by Thief
The fact that the serial killer shares Block's same, uhh, interests serves to lift that front a bit and uncover his own faults, at least within himself and his psyche.

Avengers: Infinity War   2/20/24
by Thief
Even though I've been watching most of their films and TV shows, I acknowledge that many of the films, and the whole MCU, has its flaws.

The Blue Umbrella   2/19/24
by Thief
"I wanted the soul of the film to be a love declaration to the rain, that celebrates the rain."

One Man Band   2/19/24
by Thief
This is not meant to be a put-down against "one man bands", which is a truly impressive skill, but I found it appropriate in the context of this short film.

Luxo Jr.   2/19/24
by Thief
Like other Pixar films, there's an innate skill here to add emotion and playfulness to inanimate objects, be it a tricycle, an action figure, or a desk lamp.

Red's Dream   2/19/24
by Thief
But as great as those films are, let's not forget how things started; with a red bike in the clearance corner.

Presto   2/16/24
by Thief
Presto is also the title of this 2008 Pixar short which follows a magician called (wait for it) PRESTO!

The Silence of the Sea   2/16/24
by Thief
But beyond that, Le Silence de la Mer is a film that challenges us to look beyond the obstacles that separate us in an effort to overcome them.

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