Nightbreed   7/11/21
by Rockatansky
Barker makes no room for any "good cops", and if the movie is ultimately an allegory about the LGBT experience, the action elements play like a commentary on police antagonism of the community.

Nightbeast   7/11/21
by Rockatansky
This is not exactly Jaws and the movie does not shy away from showing the alien, who is seen wearing a tracksuit (a silver one, appropriate for space travel), yet the movie devotes a decent amount of its attention to the efforts of the local sheriff and his deputies to stop the alien's murderous ram...

Hellraiser   7/05/21
by Rockatansky
The films dramatic arc rests between these three characters, and the second act of the film locks into a pattern of men following Julia into the attic and getting killed, not unlike the bulk of the third Friday the 13th movie where characters keep going into a barn to get killed by Jason.

The Beast and the Magic Sword   6/14/21
by Rockatansky
The Beast and the Magic Sword is the ninth or tenth of the Hombre Lobo movies Naschy starred in (I understand that the existence of one of the films is in question, at least in regards to a finished form) and the last one to have received a theatrical release.

Legacy of Satan   6/07/21
by Rockatansky
(This is one department where it feels like Damiano is pulling from his usual genre, leaning on stylish decor to class his movie up just a touch.) The movie was shot by Joao Fernandes, a prolific cinematographer of hardcore movies and occasional collaborator of Damiano, and he bathes the movie in at...

A Woman's Torment   5/18/21
by Rockatansky
I was unimpressed by the one other film Id seen by Findlay, The Oracle, but while this shares a similar artificiality in style and crude scenes of horror (candy red blood and disjointed editing figure in both), the notes of soap opera and pornographic content make this feel dynamic in ways that ...

Color Me Blood Red   5/17/21
by Rockatansky
But hey, check out those sweet water-bikes!) It does help however that the movie matches the belligerence of the thoroughly unappealing protagonist, who spends much of the movie doing the Kubrick face (head lowered, glowering above) so that it's a shock when you realize he in fact has a terrible mus...

The Last House on the Left   4/26/21
by Rockatansky
I think my original take on the movie is basically accurate, but partly because Ive been feeling easier to please and longing for familiar comforts these days (even if those familiar comforts are grimy exploitation movies like this one) and partly because the parts that do work weigh heavily eno...

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