Detour   12/01/23
At 68-minutes in length, it's an attractive prospect to watch and in the end doesn't at all feel truncated or rushed - the pace isn't all that fast, but takes it's time in establishing Al Roberts (Tom Neal) and the relationship he has with singer Sue Harvey (Claudia Drake) - the two are part of a Ne...

Criss Cross   11/29/23
This is a film that improves with a second watch - knowing everything actually enhances the film's opening scenes, which work fine on a first watch, but take on an added gravitas when you know the weight Steve and Anna are carrying - knowing not only that a heist is on, but also a very dangerous dou...

The Asphalt Jungle   11/28/23
So, this is a very memorable and exciting film noir heist classic - there are no slow spots, and it has an absolutely flawless rhythm to it that just carries you along.

Act of Violence   11/27/23
I kind of thought that the story these two men share, and the reason for what's happening, gets revealed a little too quickly - once we're half-way through the film we already know what went down between them, and the rest of the film only has the hunt to keep us interested.

The Little Girl Who Conquered Time   11/25/23
The trio form a close bond, but it's not long before Yoshiyama is having fainting spells, and at times feels like time is stuttering out of synch.

Dial M for Murder   11/17/23
So, very simply this film works in both a wordy way with it's load of exposition, and as a visually inventive thriller even when it's stuck in a room with two characters for over 20-minutes.

Missing   11/15/23
Secondly that of Ed Horman (father of Charles, played by Jack Lemmon) and Joyce Horman (Beth in the film, and the wife of Charles, played by Sissy Spacek).

Departures   11/08/23
In the film Daigo goes to a public bath he hasn't been to for many years, and reaquaints himself with Tsuyako Yamashita (Kazuko Yoshiyuki) and a former classmate (played by Tetta Sugimoto) who becomes another person who demands he quit, all the while refusing to contemplate the father who left him ...

Light in the Piazza   11/04/23
The movie had me fooled many times, and I can't tell you the number of instances when I was screaming at this character to tell either the younger or elder Naccarelli (or anyone in the Naccarelli family) the plain facts about her daughter.

The Banshees of Inisherin   11/01/23
Some films can be about nothing but sadness, and can contain everything about sadness, anger and hate - but when we watch them we feel gloriously uplifted.

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