Ouija: Origin of Evil   10/25/16
by NextScorsese
of all time, as in, it took one of the worst horror films I've ever seen in my entire life and actually made one of the best horror films in recent years.

Deepwater Horizon   10/04/16
by NextScorsese
The last film the Wahlberg and Berg made together was Lone Survivor, and while I did like that movie a lot, I had a huge problem with Bergs directing style, it felt like he was trying to make a movie, not tell the story of brave men who tragically died.

Snowden   9/22/16
by NextScorsese
The films most glaring issues are sadly with Oliver Stone's direction, there are multiple moments throughout the film where the pacing was a glaring issue, I feel like they spent to much time on some subjects and not enough on others, and at many points it really shows and I felt the film suffer for it.

The Disappointments Room   9/13/16
by NextScorsese
For a film called The Disappointments Room, there isn't much of the room in the film, and that's where most of the "scares" comes from.

Ben-Hur   8/29/16
by NextScorsese
Toby Kebbell was the "standout" performance in the film, as in he was good while everyone else was okay.

Kubo and the Two Strings   8/22/16
by NextScorsese
This film also has some really exciting action, I have never seen such good action in an animated film in a long time.

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